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A dash of hashtags

In Business, Entreprenörskap, Entrepreneur, Twitter on 2011/11/18 at 19:12

Spice up your Tweet on Twitter!


Spices | Ryan Eriksson - A Dash of Hashtag

Spices | Ryan Eriksson - A Dash of Hashtag

You might be familiar of the few Twitter basics by now. And hopefully, you have also set up a clear strategy on why you are investing your time on this social platform. If everything seems dull, season your tweet with some spicy #hashtags!

Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding linked contexts and metadata to your tweets. Hashtags were developed as a means to create “groupings” on Twitter. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol (#), i.e. #hashtag.

3 reasons to start using #hashtags.


  • Intensifies Involvement – Since hashtags can be easily traced, people around you can interact with a certain subject by searching for that hashtag you’ve used. The tastier the hashtag, the more involvement you can get.
  • Intensifies Focus – Using hashtags helps your marketability in the social media world since the issues you are burning for will be connected to your profile. Now you also create the taste of your twitter profile.
  • Intensifies Visibility – Another positive thing about hashtags is that it gives the appealing colour to your Twitter profile. You are more “searchable” – people normally follows a tweep using a specific hashtag. Moreover, Google remembers your hashtag!

So remember – use a dash of hashtags on your tweets. Create a pallatable tweet. When other tweeps get a taste of your tweets, they might just follow you. Create an interesting profile and use hashtags as they further add colour. When you do this, you serve your tweets hot like pancakes!



A successful Twittership

In Business, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Twitter on 2011/10/30 at 22:46

Keep the love alive!


Ryan Eriksson | A Successful Twittership

Ryan Eriksson | A Successful Twittership

The continuous journey in a relationship works exactly the same way with your interaction in Twitter. You start on a honeymoon; you get to know your way in Twitter; you experience some disappointment; you find stability; and then further increase your commitment. So where is your heart right now for Twitter?

Like in a relationship, there’s a few things you need to do in order to keep the flame for Twitter. Social media will stay for good so be ready to make a long-term investment.

It’s never too late to set up a plan.


  • Define your goals – whether it is for social, political, professional, cultural or for various reasons. It is also crucial to have milestones in achieving your main goal. Clearly defining your goal is a good way to put you back on track in case you forgot why you have joined Twitter in the first place.
  • If you got it, flaunt it! Use your personality and your own style of communication. Nobody wants to talk to a robot, and neither to a wall. If you are trying to find your nisch of tweeps to follow you and whom you want to follow, they will easily find you through your personal interactions. Most of the time, birds with the same feather flock together.
  • Renew, Develop & Improve. The only constant in this world is change. So be ready to renew, develop and improve your goals. This keeps the momentum of using Twitter going. Moreover, by doing this you treat your relationship with Twitter like a living organism.

Successful Twittership requires a solid strategy. And your strategy need not to be a complicated melange of goals. Keep it simple, keep it personal. Then from thereon, push yourself by renewing and developing. That way, you don’t get stuck in the past.


Do you work with sales? Don’t be a cowboy.

In Business, Business concerns, Entrepreneur, Sales on 2011/02/08 at 16:54

Sales people are reckless. Is it a fact?

Sales | Cowboy Businessman Riding Bull Arrow
Besides marketing & logistics, my calling is also in sales; and working in sales calls for a natural passion for communication, networking and relationship.

But I’ve encountered too many a sales people wherein they promise the impossible and take uncalculated risks just to get a sales closure.

Fact or not, there seems to be a major surmise that people working with sales act like “cowboys”.

According to the Free Dictionary, A cowboy, besides its obvious definition, is someone who’s reckless or irresponsible and ignores potential risks.

But what is a sales cowboy?

A sales cowboy is someone making propositions and offers which are unrealizable and with uncalculated loss. Normally the offers done by a sales cowboy encompasses:

  • Breakneck prices
  • Full services at entry level pricing
  • Incredible or not feasible promises
  • Such kind of sales personality is detrimental to the long-term success of a company.

    Always account for the entire value chain of your business. Doing this creates a healthy organisation that is capable of providing high quality products and services. Moreover, it strengthens respect and teamwork in the company.

    If you’re company has a goal to provide realisable market competitive offers, then avoid ‘Cowboyeurism’ in your sales tactics.

    Always aim to secure loyal and happy customers. These customers provide your business extra boost. They can be walking marketeers.

    If you’re company has a goal to have loyal and happy customers as well as a solid base of income not only in the short term but also in the long run, then avoid ‘Cowboyeurism’ in your sales activities.

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