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A dash of hashtags

In Business, Entreprenörskap, Entrepreneur, Twitter on 2011/11/18 at 19:12

Spice up your Tweet on Twitter!


Spices | Ryan Eriksson - A Dash of Hashtag

Spices | Ryan Eriksson - A Dash of Hashtag

You might be familiar of the few Twitter basics by now. And hopefully, you have also set up a clear strategy on why you are investing your time on this social platform. If everything seems dull, season your tweet with some spicy #hashtags!

Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding linked contexts and metadata to your tweets. Hashtags were developed as a means to create “groupings” on Twitter. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol (#), i.e. #hashtag.

3 reasons to start using #hashtags.


  • Intensifies Involvement – Since hashtags can be easily traced, people around you can interact with a certain subject by searching for that hashtag you’ve used. The tastier the hashtag, the more involvement you can get.
  • Intensifies Focus – Using hashtags helps your marketability in the social media world since the issues you are burning for will be connected to your profile. Now you also create the taste of your twitter profile.
  • Intensifies Visibility – Another positive thing about hashtags is that it gives the appealing colour to your Twitter profile. You are more “searchable” – people normally follows a tweep using a specific hashtag. Moreover, Google remembers your hashtag!

So remember – use a dash of hashtags on your tweets. Create a pallatable tweet. When other tweeps get a taste of your tweets, they might just follow you. Create an interesting profile and use hashtags as they further add colour. When you do this, you serve your tweets hot like pancakes!



Be Great by Making Others Better

In Business, Business concerns, Entreprenörskap, Entrepreneur, Social Behaviour on 2011/02/09 at 16:51

The self-realisation of not being great is the first step to being great.

Being Great | Great Dane & ChihuahuaThis has, over and over again, been proven by my experiences in both business and private spheres. I might be stepping on hundreds and thousands of coaches, and self help types who will tell you otherwise. But they are mistaken. Your ego gets the satisfaction but you do not personally succeed. It’s not about you at all in fact. Your self confidence, your “personal brand”, your (insert star quality here…).

That’s not how to become great.

The greatness starts when you lose sight of yourself; when you dedicate every drop of talent, skill, and ability into helping somebody else be better at something.

You creat a bridge between yourself and the people you invest in through deep involvement. It is through your contribution — what you teach or the tools you build or the services you provide. That bridge of course has two way traffic lanes and each destination on other side benefits from it, an equilibria.

Undoubtedly great people, products, brands and companies have a way of making others the star even more so than themselves. The bridge between the two is usually built on amazing value. And this is always where the focus needs to go — on building that bridge on foundation points which render indisputable value to others. Do this, and you’ll be great, even without realising it.

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