Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

Getting to know Ryan briefly

Carrying a baggage of multicultural goodies and experiences, I am starting to realise that there is no place better than the other. My home today in Malmoe, Sweden is also rendering a good percentage of global cultural mélange we can see today in majour cities… only to the fact that the city of Malmoe, which is a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen, has 300 000 inhabitants where the majour immigrant group are Danes followed by people from the Middle East countries.

Of course, I can still see a big difference in the way of living and social behaviour if comparing Malmoe to bigger cosmopolitans like Manila, Philippines where I grew up and Dallas, Texas where I spent a number of summers and thankgsiving celebrations together with my relatives.

After patiently going through my education in a private chinese school in the Philippines, learning to speak the swedish language, enduring the exciting years in International Baccalaureate programme and graduating from University of Lund, I plunged into the world of independency and entrepreneurship. Today I work as a Logistics Advisor for SRP (Mining and Construction business) and at the same time owning and managing a company, proQure (facility services: entrance mat or carpet services – www.proqure.se). A big part of my task is developing the marketing and sales strategy for proQure and creating further market share for the company (do visit www.proqure.se).

Enjoying my friends’ company & the support from my family… I thank all these wonderful beings who has a part in shaping me into the person I am today. Having someone to call “mi Hosito” makes each new day something to look forward to.

You can catch me dancing in on of Malmö’s dance schools and spontaneously recording a song for former work colleagues in the music industry. Or probably see me cooking a creative culinary dish at home inspired from my travels in Asia, Europe and North America. Occasionally, I keep myself in good shape by visiting the gym very often. Otherwise, you might bump into me blogging in here.

Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson
Malmö, Sweden


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