Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

Why chirp when you can Twitter?

In Business, Entrepreneur, information, Social Media, Twitter on 2011/10/28 at 15:21

Twitter – get lost in it, follow and be followed.


While some avidly adore Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Others get entrenched with Twitter. Privately, I haven’t had a facebook account and not in any time soon create one. Although my own company has a Facebook page, it’s the closest thing I relate with Mr. Zuckerberg’s company.

Twitter, of personal reasons, entices me more personally and professionally.

Twitter is the shit.


Ryan Eriksson on Twitter | 20000th tweet by @ryaneriksson

Ryan Eriksson on Twitter | 20000th tweet

  • Compared to the endless novel writing of some Facebook fans, you communicate intensively by using 140 characters in total. I don’t see it as a “limitation”, on the contrary, this promotes a more innovative way of communication.
  • Twitter founders, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, are quite a bunch of mischievous and intelligent angels. Twitter’s platform is inspired by the function of “bulletin boards”. Message relayed spreads like fire – Quick, Hot & Contagious. The best thing is that it is social!
  • Since I started my account, November of 2009, I’ve twittered, discussed, #ff:ed, listed, gone to tweetups, followed & have been followed, and met amazing as well as interesting tweeps – people I’ve never known in my earlier life. While “Facebook is for people you knew form high school”, “Twitter is for people you wish you knew in high school”.

My social network has never been multi-faceted and exciting as before.



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