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ELECTIONS 2010 – Who will represent Sweden in the global community? Part 2

In Elections 2010, information, Politics, Sverige, Sweden, Val 2010 on 2010/09/17 at 17:15

Swedish Elections 2010. How would the Swedish people vote if it were elections today?

In this article, I am posing a number of questions that might help Swedish citizens to decide during this 2010’s Elections.

Read, ponder and answer the questions in this second part of 3 articles.

  • A party that has no direct solution on Sweden’s environmental work OR a party that promotes green jobs and green energy for a sustainable future?
  • A party that oppresses and silences the people’s voice OR a party that fights for women, gay / bisexual / transexuellas, cultural minorities, entrepreneurs/ small businesses, the young and the old, the unemployed or the employed rights?
  • A party who does not listen to the people OR a party that that creates and opens a platform for dialogue?
  • A party who knows that control is good but also know when they have to release control and allow citizens to take responsibility?
  • A party that does not accept others’ point of views OR a party that promotes freedom of expression but teaches respect and tolerance?
  • A party that can not read the countr’s current and future financial and economic position, thereby driving the country into economic instability OR a party that is proactive and do their homework and know what the right strategic and tactical decisions are required regardless of economic situation?
  • A party that does not invest in a quality education for the young OR a party who is aware that the old have a secure future by giving the young a better future – a chance in life with good education, job placements and job experiences?
  • A party that is killing cultural activities OR a party that makes sure that music, art, dance and other form of cultural activities thrives and grows together with today’s IT community?
  • A party that makes use of empty rhetoric OR a party that communicates the same level as the rest of the population and provides concrete, feasible and sustainable solution to the hot issues?
  • A party who does not live up to their own values OR a party that renews and adjusts the party line according to Sweden’s needs today and tomorrow?

Which of the below parties would fit into the above questions?

  • Someone from the red-green block? Social Demokrater, Miljöpartiet, Vänsterpartiet.
  • Or the present blue government? Moderater, Folkpartiet, Centerpartiet, Kristdemkorater.
  • The innovators? Feministisk Iniativ and the Pirapartiet.
  • Nationalistic parties? Nationaldemkorater, Sverigedemokrater.

The key question is who you would like to represent Sweden in the global community. It is a question worth pondering upon prior to ELECTIONS 2010 but as well as in the upcoming and future elections.

At least I know and have decided which parties I would not want to represent Sweden.


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