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ELECTIONS 2010 – Who will represent Sweden in the global community? Part 1

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Swedish Elections 2010.  How would the Swedish people vote if it were elections today?

In this article, I am posing a number of questions that might help Swedish citizens to decide during this 2010’s Elections.

Read, ponder and answer the questions in this first part of 3 articles.

Elections 2010.

  • A political party who does not want to open its arms to the outside world OR a party that embraces the benefits of belonging in the global community?
  • A party who destroys the foundation of democracy & do not believe that all people have the same value OR a party that believes in democracy, freedom and the positive things that change brings?
  • A party that is perceived as hostile to foreigners & exploit fear in people OR a party that is tolerant, acceptance & use positive enforcement?
  • A party whose policy is based on loose and fictitious claims that Islam is an enemy of Sweden’s freedom OR a party whose policies is based on facts and that it is not religion itself that is a problem but the individual human being and how the individual interprets religion – whether it is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc?
  • If we were in a Muslim country, a party which is equivalent to the radical Muslims and extremists OR a party that is equivalent to freedom-loving, tolerant and democratic Muslims?
  • A party that does not have specific issues OR a party that has a solid and credible political standpoint?
  • A party that uses negative publicity in order to get media attention OR a party that builds their image with positive policies & objectives?
  • A party that always degrades other parties’ politics OR a party that accepts challenges & focus more on what they can do for Swedish people?

Which of the below parties would fit into the above questions?

  • Someone from the red-green block? Social Demokrater), Miljöpartiet, Vänsterpartiet.
  • Or the present blue government? Moderater, Folkpartiet, Centerpartiet, Kristdemkorater.
  • The innovators? Feministisk Iniativ and the Pirapartiet.
  • Nationalistic and xenophobic parties? Nationaldemkorater, Sverigedemokrater.

The key question is who you would like to represent Sweden in the global community. It is a question worth pondering upon prior to ELECTIONS 2010 but as well as in the upcoming and future elections.

At least I know and have decided which parties I would not want to represent Sweden.

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