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2010 Swedish election – preparing the swedish mass.

In information, Politics on 2010/01/08 at 10:00

2010’s Swedish Election.

Based on historical events, the status of today’s Sweden and some of the expectations of the masses, I have written down an excerpt on a few things that would make a political party successful during 2010’s election in Sweden.


  • Politicians & The Media – prepare the Swedish population as early as possible for 2010s election year based on POSITIVE CHANGE & NOT ON FEAR. Get Real!
  • Xenophobia from Sweden Democrats (Sverige Demokrater – don’t be fooled by the name!) and other extreme right wing parties in Scandinavia and Europe – So Out! Such Narrowminded politics! Such fearfulness from the party!
  • Xenophobia in general – exploits the uninformed population.
  • Inflexible rules in Sweden when changing employment and job – Outdated politics!
  • Policies that do not support entrepreneurial spirit and small business owners – 2010s losers!
  • Climate concious and “green” parties – inspires innovative thinking, creates new job opportunities and can receive great support from the swedish population.
  • Parties that promote high quality of education and skilled jobs to ALL – plus points!
  • Politicians who utilise today’s new social media in a positive manner – reach more & young voters!
  • Closing borders and missing highly skilled immigrants; politics prone to invest less on social integration – reduces Sweden’s Global competitive advantage!
  • Politicians and Parties who do not accept Swedes, regardless of their parents’ origin & religion – stealth racists.
  • Proposals for greater support to small business owners and entrepreneurs – get votes from the unemployed & all entrepreneurs
  • Parties who believe in and fight for equality regardless of sexual orientation, gender, faith – Win integrity and voices from the Swedish people!
  • Black and white politics, and traditional parties that doesn’t keep up with future development and change – will mold like an old bread!
  • Politicians expressing and acting for understanding, hope, future development and change – a chance for great victory in 2010!
  • Improving quality of education at any level and more investment on school staff – Parties strengthen its position to the parents and the young
  • Candidates who don’t believe and do nothing for the young to get a good start in life with right education and jobs – Harms elderly security! Big time!
  • Parties and Politicians who fear to stand out or think outside the box; thinks and acts  too much according to Jantelag – Just another advocate of lame and weak politics!

With the upcoming 2010 Swedish election, I can’t stop wondering whether we Swedes will vote out of Fear or out of Hope. If I were the majority, I would vote out of Hope. Hope to be better and create a Sweden known for always being a friend of humanity. Hope to be united and defend entrepreneurship, freedom & tolerance as well as our climate and our environment. Hope to create a new, modern and more positive swedish society.

To all of you Swedes, citizens of Sweden, be vigilant. Be very vigilant and analyse carefully the politics of some parties. Read between the lines. Do some research regarding the historical background of the party. Google the persons running for a certain position – find out more regarding their background and whom they associate with. Follow the news, read the newspapers and be active in the upcoming debates. Lastly, vote not on fear, discontentment or unsatisfaction. Vote for Hope, Change and Freedom – as it brings Sweden forward, giving our country a fresh start to rise up again and be a model in the global society.


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