Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

2009s global events to remember

In information on 2010/01/01 at 23:30

Everyone has their personal lists of important events and news during 2009.

I personally have hand-picked the ones that was personally of great importance for me and probably a part of the global population.




Here they are:

  1. Barack Obamas presidential inauguration
  2. FIFA World cup to be held in Brazil
  3. H1N1 outbreak in Mexico
  4. Tsunamis off Samoa and Sumatra
  5. Protest in Iran for a more democratic nation due to the controversial elections in June
  6. The longest total eclipse of the sun this century which lasted 5 minutes and 40 seconds
  7. Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace price award
  8. Michael Jacksons planned concert + his passing away
  9. Whitney Houstons comeback
  10. Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, gets a hit in the face
  11. 20 years ago since the Berlin Wall came crashing down
  12. Rugby star Gareth Thomas’s decision to come out
  13. COP15 in Copenhagen
  14. Avatar – beautifully crafted movie
  15. Argentinian men become first same-sex married couple in Latin America
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