Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

Being your own boss

In Business concerns on 2009/10/21 at 22:56



My first work experience was by getting dirty and sweaty, i.e. being a blue-collar. It wasn’t that long until I moved to the white-collar team. From there on, I’ve seen the corporate world through an employee’s eye. Slowly, I was climbing the organisational hierarchy. Although I had the chance to make a change and influence a part of the organisation, somebody was still deciding a part of the goals I need to achieve.

The best situation would be of course that I fully decide the goals I want to achieve and the road that will take me there. Increased motivation, better investment and more fun!

If you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, has the will to lead an organisation and finally has a natural inclination to manage people, then this might be just the right employment for you.

Today with the start-up of our new company, proQure (www.proQure.se), I am just hoping for the best. Having the passion to serve and provide customers with better offers than what is available in the market today is one main reason to why I plunged into managing a business together with the co-owners.  My determination to succeed and have a vision to be the best in this business also provides me with the necessary boost to endure and move on. Finally, a friend of mine has told me to keep a high pace and positive thinking all the time. A positive mindset is an invisible power that attracts partners, prospects and customers.

Of course, it is exhilirating to be your own boss as it demands time, patience, dedication and most of all a strong spirit. I am hoping for a wild ride… and I believe the best ride I will experience. So I wonder, is there anything better than being your own boss?


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