Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

To give… Or to give

In Business concerns on 2009/10/08 at 08:20

Rewinding the days, social responsibility and sustainable development was mainly the talk and the walk of Governmental organisations and Non-profit organisations (NPOs). In the same sense, private corporations focused in increasing profitability and investing their money to satisfy mainly the needs of the company shareholders.

So where do we stand today? It will be hypocritical of me not to admit that private corporations are not driven by hunger for more money. Of course, it still is. Why would we do business anyhow? But large businesses are spending (or investing – depending on the point of view of some managers ) a huge part of their money to help the society at large. Some act on it by actively creating and implementing corporate social responsibility and sustainable development programs; some by just donating to charitable organisations, foundations or other volunteer organisations.

CharitySwedish legislature has for just a couple of weeks ago agreed to decrease taxes on large corporations donating a part of their financial results to charity and voluntary associations. It is of course for a good cause but again, this only applies to large corporations. What if a small entrepreneur is willing to give a part of their “small” result to charity and voluntary work? Size does matter. Intentions… well it is ok to have good intentions as long as you can give more.

Cutting costs is even more crucial during this period of financial crisis and even the coming 2010. Suddenly, the amount of donations are more signifcantly decreased  as huge corporations hold on to their cash. This could be balanced with small entrepreneurs willing to still extend their arm to charity and voluntary groups in need of financing. I am surprised though that in the land of equality, the tax reduction only applies to big companies. This kind of incentive triggering an increase of social responsibility and hopefully even sustainable development should be given despite the size of the company.


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