Ryan Mark Paul A. Eriksson

How friendly is the swedish regulations on small and new entrepreneurs?

In Business concerns on 2009/10/04 at 16:26

During customer visits, seminars and trainings as well as informal business lunches, I have heard countless of strong-spirited entrepreneurs in Malmoe telling comments such as the inflexibility, rigid and very bureaurcatic way of the swedish regulations when starting-up and driving a business in Sweden.

As I sit (or stand – depending on the specific situation) listening to all these thoughts and input from fellow friends, business associates and parners,  customers and suppliers, I can only nod and agree to their concerns.

In comparison to the American counterpart, the Swedish system  does not adequately and strongly support the growth of new and small entrepreneurs. Why?

  1. Long lead times in business registration
  2. High taxes for the newbies
  3. Low support for citizens with foreign background
  4. Low support for both EU and non-EU immigrants
  5. and Weak control to establish a stronger market competition

… to name a few

The secret to make it through such system – besides a huge amount of capital, you need to shed all your sweat and blood until nothing is left. At least that’s how it feels. Then you might see get a glimpse of the silverlining… at least a number of months until you get a mail from the Swedish tax system.business_start_up

My point is that there is a need for a more entrepreneur-friendly legislations and stronger support for small firms and companies from the government and other groups who want to create an improved business infrastructure in Sweden.


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